PRCC partners and implement programs that impact the needs of our community in the areas of education, health, economic development, civic engagement, cultural enrichment and research.


Education is an imperative way of personal and social growth. In order to fulfill our mission it is key that we provide our community the knowledge and experiences they need to contribute in our society.


Our events are essential to promote, educate and celebrate our culture. They also serve as fundraisers to support our programs. These programs are vital to support the needs of families that come daily to request services that are imperative to improve their quality of life.


We understand and believe in the importance of participatory research. This research is conducted as an equal partnership between traditionally trained "experts" and members of our community. Members of our community participate fully in all aspects of the research process.

Welcome to the PRCC website.

PRCC is a non-profit organization created to serve Latinos, and other cultures in Springfield, nearby cities, and bordering states trough a wide variety of programs. Native speakers of Spanish and native speakers of English use the center. The PRCC Team is committed to advocate and provide educational services, develop leadership, and wealth of the community through programs, services, and events.

In this website you will find our most recent programs, links and descriptions of services, dates and information about events, and on going activities that assist us in the accomplishment of our mission.

We encourage you to navigate our site and visit us periodically to ensure that you are informed of our layout of programs, services, events, and activities.

For more information, about our programs, services, events, and activities, please contact PRCC or the Team Members. Thank you for visiting the PRCC website.

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